Dream Crazy — Kingdoms Collide

Is it really so much easier to point the finger than it is to examine our own lives? Instead of asking, “What has he sacrificed?” What if we asked, “What do I believe? How passionately do I believe it? What am I willing to sacrifice to see it come true?”

via Dream Crazy — Kingdoms Collide

4 thoughts on “Dream Crazy — Kingdoms Collide

  1. In our modern world and especially here in America, I believe we have begun to lose the sense of what it means to do a little sacrificing from time to time and especially sacrificing for people who may be outside our immediate circle. We must align our lives to the Scriptures if we are to call ourselves “Christians” and we must get to the point where we understand that salvation came through the sacrifice made by The Lord, Jesus Christ and that if we are to “Follow” Him (as we claim to do) then we need to swallow our pride and learn to do a little sacrificing of our own from to time as The Holy Ghost leads. This is a great post and God bless you for sharing it. I have added you to my blogroll for future reference.

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