June 3 – Never Sleeps

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth! He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber. (Psalm 121:2-3)

Read: 2 Samuel 20:14 – 21:22, Acts 1:1-26, Psalm 121:1-8, Proverbs 16:18

Relate: As a general rule, I am a heavy sleeper. Unless my body wants to be awakened, unless my internal clock tells me it is time to wake up, it just is not going to happen. There are plenty of anecdotes I could throw in here to prove my point but my favorite has always been an instance that happened way back in my early high school years.

Every winter, there would be a pastor’s kids retreat in Syracuse NY. Kids from all across the state would spend the weekend in a hotel in Syracuse for some services but mainly to hang out with other like minded individuals and escape the trials and tribulations that come with being a PK for a few days. We are an elite group. We are a rowdy group when we have the opportunity to let our defenses down for a bit. Anyways, I was sharing a hotel room with two other guys, Will (now pastor at Two Rivers Assembly) and Dave (now the NY District Youth Director in charge of running the PK retreats of this generation) . Since there were two beds but three people, and since I was by far the smallest of the three, I got the floor.

The night before I had been talking to one of the girls at the retreat late into the night so the phone was literally right next to my head. When the wake up call started ringing early the next morning, it was literally right next to my ear. it did not wake me. Oen of the two others was still in the room and started yelling at me to answer the phone. Then he threw his pillow at me. I’m still dead to the world. Finally, he rolls out of bed, steps on me in the attempt to get to the phone, and then falls back into his bed. I never woke. Were it not for the bruise, I would not have believed it really happened.

React: I would like to think that Jesus was a heavy sleeper in his day too. I mean, it couldn’t have been all that easy to sleep through a heavy storm when being tossed about in a small boat. I would like to think that if I was in that boat with the disciples during the storm, I would have been sleeping away right beside Jesus. The only difference, the disciples would not have been able to wake me. Not until I was halfway to drowning.

Jesus slept then, but He doesn’t now. Sometimes I feel like I’m praying and He is sleeping away. I find common cause with the disciples while they complain, “How can You sleep while we are drowning!?” The storms are battering away, I’m doing my best to stay on course, bailing water out, but all my efforts are in vain. I’m drowning. And God is asleep in the back of the boat. Where are You, God? Don’t You see what I’m going through? Don’t You care?

God is not asleep. It might be that He needs to lead me through this storm. It might be that He is waiting for the perfect moment to say to my circumstances, “Peace be still.” Either way, He is right there with me. He will not let me stumble. He most definitely does care.


Dear God,
Help me to praise You in the storm. I am so grateful that You are not like me. You don’t fall asleep right at the very moment I need You awake and alert. Though at times it might seem like You are asleep in the back of the hold, I know better. You are here. With me. I will not stumble because You never sleep.

5 thoughts on “June 3 – Never Sleeps

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the reminder that Our Jesus is awake and cares about what happens to us. And thanks for sharing the funny story about the phone! God bless and keep – and wake you up when He needs you to answer the call!

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