This Is For You

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.  (Psalm 34:18)

This is for me.
This is for you.
This is for the lonely, the tired, the alone, the single.
This is for “where are all the godly men and I’m not spending another dime on Christian Mingle.”
This is for the girl who huddles in the corner late at night hoping daddy won’t come home drunk and horny… again.
This is for the child whose parents sold her to a con man who promised them she would get an education.
Now she walks dusty streets trading her body for a few rupees.
This is for the boy who is afraid, with good reason to go visit his uncle’s house.
This is for the lapsed Catholic who wonders why that priest is not in jail… or at least defrocked.
This is for the abused.
For the one who has been told all their life that they are no good and now they believe it.
This is for the girl, the boy, whose heart has been stolen by that one who will never give them the time of day.
This is for the ugly. For the shy.
This is for the one who hated school because everyone there hated them.
This is for the girl who thinks she can find attention and affirmation by exposing herself to the eyes of strangers.
Or perhaps it is the only way she knows to pay for college.
This is for the man who has spent so long chained to the late night screen of his computer that he no longer knows how to interact with a real woman face to face.
This is for the man who is still chained.
This is for the career man who has spent his life climbing the ladder and now wonders if he has waited too long to focus on what matters most.
Now he wonders if he is destined to be alone.
This is for the woman who sits at home waiting to see if that career man will ever come home tonight.
The food on the table has long ago gone cold.
This is for all those who are sick and tired of all the hoopla surrounding this day.
This is for those who mock but inside are jealous of their married friends.
This is for those who watch as everyone around has a Valentine but know that it will never, will it ever be their turn?
This is for me.
This for you.

There is a man.
He was raised, lived, and died single. Alone. He knows.
He is engaged to a faithless bride.
Time and time again he woes her back but time and time again she cheats on Him.
He wonders night after night if she will have time for him while His bread grows cold.
He knows.
He was mocked. He was beaten. He was spat on and abused.
He carried a heavy burden down a lonely road.
Though he did not deserve it he willingly took the stripes so that
He would know the abuse, the torment you have suffered.
Finally, He was raised before the throes.
And the whole world looked on while His shame was exposed.
He knows the torment of that late night.
He has walked that dusty street.
He has felt an unrequited love.
He who knew no sin became sin.
He knows.

And finally, he died of a broken heart.
But he did not stay dead.
He took everything hell could throw at Him but it was not enough.
He kicked down those gates and now…

He is coming for You,

He is coming for me.

He is willing to restore our crushed spirit.
He sees the pieces of your broken heart and is willing to put them back together.

Will you give them to Him?

103 thoughts on “This Is For You

  1. Love this! This is for the aging couple who love each other in their frail years, whose passion is no longer in vigor, youth, or sex–who now long for ways to share the wisdom God has given them, and whose joy is to pass on their legacy in Christ to others and to finish well… ❤

  2. I am not religious in the slightest, raised catholic with a healthy disdain for all things religion related when i got brutally caned by a nun when i was five years old but i like what you’re laying down 😉

  3. This is one of the most beautiful and powerful pieces I’ve ever read about the “other side” of Valentine. Thank you for an eye-opening view to crushed hearts. May God bless you always!

  4. With all I have been going through of late and the rejection I feel and even anticipating rejection yet to come, this post pours on my poor aching heart like water reviving a thirsty plant. Thank you for this beautifully written, encouraging, strong post, not just of our own aches but His too and all done and endured for us. You acknowledge the various forms of human troubles yet also point to the fact that Christ endures for us, for love of us and, as a result, now comes in victory to save us.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Love the video too. A beautiful song.

  5. Reblogged this on themaskedrabbitsblog and commented:
    We are all walking through some form of trouble in our lives, whether its a job issue, relationship issues, rejection issues (see relationship!), health worries, fear of an unknown future. We all struggle and sometimes we feel like we are the only walking it. We find it hard to fully articulate how we feel. Yet BJ at River Walk has done this so beautifully and acknowledges this yet reminds us gently that our Saviour also knows how we feel. He’s been there.

    But the story doesn’t end there.

    Enjoy BJ’s post and let it minister life and hope for your soul as it did mine today

  6. He is coming for You,

    He is coming for me.

    He is willing to restore our crushed spirit.
    He sees the pieces of your broken heart and is willing to put them back together…..amen amen amen♥

  7. I say thank you too. This sure does apply to just about all of us, doesn’t it? I forget sometimes. I appreciate your candid, humble reminder. Thank you so much. With love in the spirit ~

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  9. Reblogged this on aBodyofHope and commented:
    You are loved more than you know. You are never alone. May this Valentine’s Day especially touch your heart with peace and UNFAILING love.
    This is by the powerful blog, The River Walk.

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  12. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has prepared for those who love HIM. Your poem is the cry out to the Lord God Yahweh by mankind “THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN “. As we watch the world events unfold and look at Israel, we can see Biblical prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes and soon the 144,000 Bride of Christ members shall have gone beyond the antitypical 2nd veil and the wedding of the Lamb will occurs after which time the messianic 1000 year kingdom shall begin.
    How wonderful that now we have these experiences ( which often seem MORE THSN WE CAN BARE) but Romans 8:28 tells us that God won’t give us more than HE THINKS we can bare.
    God bless you in your walk following Christ and pleasing our Heavenly Father. Our experiences now are the PERFECT ONES to help understand humanity in the future and if part of the Bride of Christ, then to help the world mankind up the highway of holiness.

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