Rain, Rubble, And Running

RAIN, RUBBLE, AND RUNNINGI hear the tumult of the raging seas as your waves and surging tides sweep over me.
But each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life. Psalm 42:7-8 (NLT)

Read: Leviticus 19:1-20:21, Mark 8:11-38, Psalm 42:1-11, Proverbs 10:17

Relate: Rain, rubble, and running- these three things are intertwined and connected in their lessons on God’s life giving, unfailing love that is poured out on us.

I am, or at least I was, a pretty die hard runner. I have completed two full marathons, four half marathons, and countless other running events. However, for almost a year now, I have struggled to find the motivation to even put my running shoes on.

Recently, I committed to running regularly again, and I was going to start the next day. I woke up to cold rain.

I put on my shoes, put in my earbuds, and I ran. I was slow, tired, and wet; but, as I ran, I began to think about the faith journey and the exercise I was doing. We often think only about getting to the end. However, the benefits aren’t found only in the completion, but in the process and the doing. It is in the struggle that we find strength and growth.

As I was pondering the growth process, I came upon a house that had been purposely burned down in order for the lot to be rebuilt. I took a picture because it seemed to fit with my thoughts on running. The idea of having to struggle in order to grow and the idea of being torn down in order to be made new seemed to mingle together in the rain.

The Psalmist speaks of tumult, raging seas, waves, and surging tides. These are images of struggle and trial. However, he also speaks of unfailing love, singing, and praying. In fact they are written right next to each other. There is joy in the tumultuous moments because, as we put one foot in front of the other, we are given life and unfailing love.

React: We each face our own stormy seas, uphill runs, or burnt down homes. These moments can feel overwhelming, consuming, and threaten the center of who we are. However, these moments, whether we see it or not, are the times God is changing us. He is making us better equipped for his purposes. Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, we are never exempt from his unfailing love or his life giving power.


Dear Lord, there was a time when I could not sing this song because I could not feel your love. I was too lost in the hurt and the heartache to see how you were molding me and making me into someone who could minister to the broken.

I am so grateful you have helped me to see how your love never left me. It is with joy that I now sing and pray to you when the waves and surging tides sweep over me. Thank you for giving me life and demonstrating unfailing love.

I pray you will open the eyes of those who are in the middle of the struggle. Help them to see your great love for them. Amen. 

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rubble, And Running

  1. Thank for a timely word. I, too, have been understanding the need to ‘push through’ those times when we want to simply stay where we are. In fact, those times when we least want to do something is the time we really need to do that very thing! If we do manage to make that effort, the sun comes out and the Father’s light encapsulates us, protecting us from all that we fear. Thank you Rebecca – would love to share this if I may?

  2. Hi Rebecca. I’m also an avid runner today. It took a long time to get to this level of physical ability and mental motivation. And it’s true there are so many parallels between running and a faith journey. Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This could be me… just a few years older! 😉 Two marathons, 4 half marathons, some triathlons, and more, and after letting running drop for a while, like you, it’s a struggle to get back into it.

    “However, the benefits aren’t found only in the completion, but in the process and the doing. It is in the struggle that we find strength and growth.”

    I LOVE that! It’s so very true. When I run (and struggle to run), I often find so much about it that parallels the struggle of everyday life. When people have asked me how I could ever do a marathon, I tell them that you don’t start by running 26.2 on the first day. Just showing up to train for it is half the battle. I think that’s the case in our relationship with God too – we have to show up and be present with him and keep at it to receive the benefits, growth and strength as you so beautifully said!

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