Psalm 66:16 (Testimony Time)

Testimony Time

Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me. (Psalms 66:16)

Read: Numbers 36:1-13, Deuteronomy 1:1-46, Luke 5:29-6:11, Psalm 66:1-20, Proverbs 11:24-26

Relate: We were climbing a cliff. It wasn’t impossibly steep and it was only about 70 to the top so the three of us decided to go on up without ropes. I know, it’s not a good decision but what do you expect from three high school students who believe they are invincible? When climbing you always want three points connection with the cliff while you adjust one hand or foot at a time. I was the middle climber when I heard the girl taking point yell an expletive I won’t repeat here. I looked up to see a boulder about a foot in diameter and about four inches thick come right at me. It slammed into my thigh and knocked me off all three points. Right before impact I had grabbed a root with my left hand and that was the only thing that kept me from tumbling down a good 40 foot drop. Once I recovered I was able to pull that dead root straight out of the cliff with ease. There is no way it should have even held five pounds let alone my 170 pound frame plus whatever amount of weight my momentum added. God saved my life that day.

There was also the day I was coming home from watching the Gladiator shortly after college graduation. Pastor Will was driving and I was in the passenger seat. A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit us at a speed of about 35 mph. The brunt of the impact hit us right where I was sitting. My door was punched in 17 inches and the passenger seat was crumpled up like an accordion. Somehow I found myself straddling the gear stick once the car stopped spinning (after hitting a tree and bouncing off). The impact was so sudden and so severe that the back windshield blew out from the pressure. They rushed me to the hospital where they performed scan after scan. They picked some pieces of glass out of my knee and my leg and I had some pretty rough bruises from the seat belt but that was it. The doctor tried witnessing to me that night. While looking at a photo of the damage he said, “Son, if you don’t believe in God you should. Because He just saved your life tonight.”

React: I could tell story after story of God’s provision, and His protection, of His grace, and His favor. Some of the stories blow my mind. Others Are little ways He shows He cares. Little things and big are happening every day if only I am willing to open my eyes and see. Not only that, but those blessings I am given are not meant only for me. I have a responsibility to tell others of the things He has done. Maybe it will be that little nudge to convince someone else that this God thing is worth checking out for themselves. Maybe it will be a ray of hope when they are in their own rough spots. Maybe it will increase their faith. And maybe it will help me to be more mindful of some of the other blessings He is pouring out and I am taking for granted.


God, let my praise be contagious. Help me to have such an attitude of gratitude for all that You have done that it just keeps bubbling out of me. You have been so good over and over again. Time and time again You have come to my rescue. I have so much to share of Your kindness and Your power and Your love. Help me to open my mouth and let it spill out. Let my testimony of Your greatness be a blessing to everyone I meet. 

21 thoughts on “Psalm 66:16 (Testimony Time)

  1. It’s a beautiful thing when you are rooted and grounded in the Word of God and your personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus The Son and The Holy Spirit shows in your life 🙂 Nine years ago, I was lost, shattered with a broken spirit until I chose Jesus as my Lord and Savior 🙂 As a daughter of the King 🙂 my life reflects Him 🙂 I am writing a book capturing my journey and running my race, while deepening my relationship with The Lord 🙂 I am honored to give Him glory in my choice to pick up my cross daily to follow him 🙂

  2. I love these kinds of testimony. God has saved me from myself as well as others. But one that stands out would be a car accident in 1984 on Easter sunday. I was in the back seat without a seatbelt when my moms Honda was t-boned by a Cadillac. Our car spun around three times and my mom and sister received serious injuries but I was lifted aboved my seat and watched as everything spun around and around… and then I just sat back down on the seat without a scratch on me. Our car was mangled beyond belief but my mom and sister survived as well. I have many more since I lived a reckless life but one thing I know beyond all doubt is God loves fools (me) and for that I am thankful. God bless you

    • 🙂 I am new to blogging 🙂 Your blog is awesome 🙂 I always love seeing God in action 🙂 as I read some of your posts, I am in awe in the way God led me to start blogging 🙂 I look forward to this adventure. I bless you as we’ll 🙂 Until we blog again….

  3. You say that you need three points to safely climb. One also needs three points to draw accurately, otherwise the image won’t hold together, one part will never relate to another, it has always reminded me of Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

  4. Thanks for sharing this morning- God is at work all the time and it is so cool to see His provision and protection. I have written about these very subjects this week. He saved my life last Sat. Maybe it’s the season, as we are heading toward Easter and even more conscious of Him and His gift, that we are paying more attention. He is joining our hearts.

  5. My thoughts exactly. He is my sword and shield. I had a little shunt in the snow and the only damage was my number plate which had already been cracked. Let’s praise our awesome God!

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