Genesis 17:1 (Never Too Old)

never too old

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am El-Shaddai—‘God Almighty.’ Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life. (Genesis 17:1)

Read: Genesis 16:1 – 18:15, Matthew 6:1-24, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 2:1-5


Relate: In 1934 Harry had a short story published in a magazine and decided that he wanted to make a living as a writer. He wrote a novel, but he could find nobody to publish it. Then he wrote another novel. Again, nothing. He tried again. Then he tried again. Over the next seventy years he wrote over forty novels and not once did he get published. In 2002 his wife, Ruby, passed away and Harry tried again. The book was published to rave reviews shortly before he turned 97. Over the final years of his life, three more times he would write and his fourth novel was published shortly after his death at the age of 101.

Relate: It is said, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Hogwash. Harry Bernstein said, “God only knows what other potential lurks in other people if we could only keep them alive until well into their 90’s.”

All too often the goal in America is to work until you can collect your pension then move south to Florida. There you can walk the beaches in the morning and play chess the rest of the day. Childhood years are for education and young adult years for adventure. After that you get a few decades of productivity and the twilight years are for relaxation. Nonsense.

God called Abraham to leave Haran when he was seventy-five. In his eighties he found a hidden talent as a military general. He didn’t become a father until 86. Now, at 99, God is telling him to serve faithfully and live a blameless life. Abraham wasn’t winding down, he was just picking up steam. We are never too old to begin a great work for God.


God, I thank You that You call people from all walks and all ages of life to follow You. Help me to hold on to the visions and dreams You have for me. Don’t ever let me think that life, or opportunity has passed me by. Don’t ever let me think that it is too late to start something new, something wonderful for You.

21 thoughts on “Genesis 17:1 (Never Too Old)

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  2. A very thought-provoking post. I just experienced a return to my creative talents after a 2 – 3 decade dry-spell thanks to family, illness and circumstance. I always knew that God had a purpose for me and I just had to have faith. Now, at 57 I am writing, crafting and baking again and all for His glory.

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