John 4:25-26 (I AM)


The woman said, “I know the Messiah is coming—the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” Then Jesus told her, “I Am the Messiah!” (John 4:25-26)

Read: Joshua 12:7 – 15:19

Relate: All the right roads lead to this moment. Every great journey leads to this destination. Jesus felt compelled to go by a different road. He took the less traveled path that led to a well. His disciples left Him there to head into town to get some supplies. A disreputable woman met Him there. Why she was coming at that time of day rather then early morning or sundown when there would have been others we do not know. Maybe she was ashamed and wanted to avoid others. Maybe she was on the prowl, a man hunter, and saw the opportunity to snag one when he was alone. Maybe it was just a matter of happenstance. She needed water and she was out at home. Whatever the reason, their paths crossed and He began a conversation. It started with water but they were speaking two different languages. From there it turned to marriage but she didn’t want to go down that way. She turned it to religious controversy but He refused to be baited. He spoke of worship and of truth and she responded with longing for the Messiah. Now, they come to the point of revelation. I AM. Everything worth anything leads to this moment.

React: The Samaritan woman was so overwhelmed by the moment that she ran away. She left her water jar there by the well in her hurry. Even the essentials of life like water are forgotten when one is overwhelmed by the very presence of God. She fled… but she believed. She began spreading her story among everyone in town. Weren’t these the same people she had been trying to avoid? Shame means nothing when flooded by grace. Without even meaning it, suddenly the rivers of life Jesus began speaking about were flowing out of her and soon the whole town was walking down that same road to meet Jesus.

So what will you do when confronted with the revelation of our living God? Will you run? Will you try to deny it? Will you try to rationalize it away once the overwhelming awe of the moment has passed? As you are reading this right here, right now, God is knocking. Will you open the door? Will you become lost in the moment? Will you acknowledge Jesus as the great I AM? Or will you keep the door shut and try to ignore Him? Eventually there will be no way to do so. Eventually every knee, even yours, will bow before Him. Why try to put off that moment? Why not open up the door of your heart and allow the greatness of the living God overwhelm your life?


Jesus, I surrender myself to You. You are the Messiah. You are I AM. You are God. Like the woman at the well, I have plenty of reason to be ashamed. I have a spotted past I would much rather keep hidden. But You already know all about it. I surrender my past to You. Like her, I also have doubts, religious foibles I would much rather discuss rather than truly encountering You. Sweep them aside. Let them get lost in Your presence. I drink from Your well. You alone offer the life I truly desire. Let me be overwhelmed by You.

10 thoughts on “John 4:25-26 (I AM)

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  2. Cool post, BJ. Insightful. Jesus certainly has that effect on people. I’ve been praying a lot lately for Him to enlighten people and help people believe. Not for signs and wonders, necessarily, but inspiration and truth. I know a bunch of people who would make amazing saints if only they searched for God a little more. Whoops, I think the Holy Spirit just convicted me. 🙂

  3. Restoration is what our Good Lord Jesus came to Do. We fell of from Gods presence due to sin and Jesus came to bring us back to Gods Presence where we belong. It doesnt matter what your life is Due to Love Jesus takes us back to a loving Relationship with God the father. The encounter is breath taking

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