John 2:11 (The Wedding)

The Wedding

This miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. And his disciples believed in him. (John 2:11)

Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 29:1 – 31:18

Relate: When I go to a wedding I am taking mental notes. What did I like? What didn’t I like? How would I have done something different? I worked for four years in a small church where I was often up in the sound room for weddings. It was a great chance for a birds eye view of what is going on. The thing is, any weddings done there would not be considered extravagant. For extravagance I would think back to a mountaintop wedding I attended or perhaps my cousin’s wedding at West Point. One thing I can say, though, is that if there were one word to describe every wedding I have been to, it would be beautiful.

Two people willing to lay down a part of their independence to become one, two people willing to commit to investing in each other for a lifetime, two people coming together to make one relationship, one family, one love, forever… how can that not be beautiful? When God showed up at that wedding in Cana, He saw His kingdom at work. A godly wedding is a little taste here on earth of what heaven will be like. It is what kicks off our time in eternity and it was how Jesus kicked off his earthly ministry as well. Jesus was announcing Himself. He was showing up. Any doubt His disciples had in making there recent choice to follow Him… it was done. God was here. And it all started at a wedding.

React: When the vows are said, eyes get teary. Not mine, of course. We men don’t cry for stuff like that. Anything you might think you’re seeing… that’s just allergies. But to look at the love between the couple… When he is speaking his vows, everyone but his bride disappears from his vision… When it is her turn, her vision becomes lost in his eyes. That is the kind of love God has for us. That is the passion He displayed when He left His throne in heaven to come down, walk among us, and ultimately die to redeem us. God loves me, he loves You that much. Do we love Him the same in return?


God, Your love is all I ever need. I want to love You like the love I see at the best of weddings. I’m learning to love You more, but I’m not there yet. Help me to continue to learn. There are still some pointless passions that need to fall by the wayside. Let them fall. There are still some things that pull my heart in other directions. Cut the strings they have tied to my heart. I want to have eyes only for You. I want to love only You. I want to be more deeply passionate for You than I or anyone else ever thought possible. Because I know that is how deeply You care for me.

4 thoughts on “John 2:11 (The Wedding)

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. The prayer you wrote after says it all. I just pray we can be imitators of Jesus better and share more of the Gospel with the unsaved.

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