Peter (John 1:42)


Looking intently at Simon, Jesus said, “Your name is Simon, son of John—but you will be called Cephas” (which means “Peter”). (John 1:42)

Read: Job 32:1 – 34:37

Relate: Have you ever daydreamed about having a superpower? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to move through time? What about being able to influence someone’s mind or will simply with a thought? What would it be like to be invisible? If you had X-Ray vision, how would you use it? What would your superpowers be? Sometimes I wish I could move through time. There are a couple things I wish I could go back and do over. Perhaps I could warn my younger self right before I made one of my many really dumb mistakes. Or to be able to influence someone with a word or a thought. The shows Alphas and Fringe both had someone on their shows who could do that. The lady on Alphas had a new car every episode simply because she “pushed” someone different into letting her borrow their car for the day… every day. How cool would that be? I’m not sure about invisibility, though. I think most of us wished we would be noticed more, as it is. Now imagine if nobody ever really saw us? It might be fun for a while, there is definitely a prank or two I would love to try, but I think it would get real old real quick.

I wonder if Peter felt he was invisible? He was probably around middle age when he first met Jesus. We do know that he was established with a wife, home, and business. But the wife never gets named in scripture. Jesus stayed in the home a time or two, but never for long. The business was nothing really big. It seems to me that Peter was someone with an oversized personality who was stuck in that poor to lower middle class range. Did he wish he was someone else? What were the moments in his past he wished he could go back to? When he threw those nets over the side of the boat, did he feel like he was caught in them himself?

React: What I do know is that Jesus has the superpower of x-ray vision. When Peter first showed up Jesus looked at him. He really looked. And he saw something more. He didn’t just see a little Simon (pebble), skipping along on the surface of the water, first in one direction then in another. That was an attitude and personality trait that Jesus invested three years working out of him. Instead, Jesus looked closer and he saw potential for so much more. Jesus saw a Peter (rock) that would go deeper and who would be solid enough that Jesus would build his church on it.

Jesus didn’t lose this superpower. He is still able to look intently today. When He turns His gaze our way, what does He see? What hidden potential is buried deep in us that He longs to pull out? We are made for so much more. What is that more that He is tugging to the foreground of your heart?


God, I humbly ask that You turn Your gaze on me. When You look deep inside, what do You see? When You look past all my faults, fumbles, and failures that have been forgiven at the cross, what remains? I ask that You draw out of me the potential that I never knew I had. Pull to the surface those things that You have been slowly developing and nurturing in my life that can be used to glorify You. Make me into what You want to be. I long to do great things for You, but it will only come to be as You develop Yourself in me. 

18 thoughts on “Peter (John 1:42)

    • That’s the beauty of scripture. As often as I read it, there is always something new, always a deeper insight waiting to be found. His truth is so rich we will be spending an eternity learning more and more of our Savior.

  1. Wow. What a powerful message. I love the superpower of God’s transforming Word and how it remains steadfast and true yet is alive in each of us who read it, share it, and savor it. Thank you for your insight into this piece of scripture and for reminding me Who the real Hero is.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful prayer who touched my heart…If we all could see the trust and love God has for us and the inner beauty He gave to us…then maybe this world would be a warm loving place. Blessings!

  3. I really like the way you’ve structured your reflection (what can I say, I love structures!) and to incorporate music in it too is definitely a winner in my book 🙂 cheers!

  4. The prayer below left me thinking a lot. In still pondering what is it that Jesus sees in me. I’m sitting next to my mom at the ER. Lots of time to think until she is free to go home. Thank you for your beautiful, thought provoking post.

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