Follow (John 1:37)


When John’s two disciples heard this, they followed Jesus. (John 1:37)

Read: Job 19:1 – 21:34

Relate: I’m a chicken. There is no other way around it. I am just too scared to step out and do what I believe God is truly calling me to do. For years now my heart has been to just pack my bags and go. I want to get a one way ticket out of here and land somewhere where I can do some practical service work in the daytime (orphanage, shelter, etc) and then continue to write in the evenings. It is what my heart is longing to do and I firmly believe God is behind that longing. Yet day after day goes by and I’m still here. Unlike me, John’s two disciples showed no hesitation. As soon as John pointed to Jesus, they up and left. The same is true in the other gospels when Jesus calls the fishermen, and Levi the tax collector. They all dropped what they were doing and followed Him.

React: I hesitate. Most of us do. But those times when I have stepped out, those times when I have taken a risk, He has come through in ways beyond my imagination. I read stories and see testimonies of those who dared greatly, and I know that I know that I know that God is faithful. I know it. I do. But still I hesitate. Do you? What is God calling you to? If you knew that you could not possibly fail, what would you risk for Him? What steps can you take today to move towards fulfilling that dream? God is calling us all to so much more. Will we follow?


Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith would be made stronger in the presence of my Savior. God, let this be more than a song. Let it be our motto. Help me to follow You immediately and without hesitation in both the big and the small things of life. Pull me out of my comfort zone and wreck my life. Because I’m not really living if I am not fully following You.

19 thoughts on “Follow (John 1:37)

  1. it is like walking on the water; isn’t it though… it seems like most of living with Christ rising in me is working really nicely and then there is the walking on water part… I suppose I seem like a child and that’s okay as it goes – of course, I am over 60 actually – but I’m working at it and I will be right when I finally completely surrender. Thanks for posting.
    ~ Eric

  2. Great post, something I can relate to. Yes my heart yearns for many things but my mind and body hesitates, partly because of fear of Venturing into the unknown, and another and the biggest thing is my mother, who is struggling with lymphoma and chemo. I am obligated to care for her as a dutiful child should but my heart aches daily as it cries to be set free. I believe God is good and won’t let me be overburdened, and He will give me the desires of the heart when the time is right. But patience is definitely not my forte and I’m so frustrated.

    • I hate to sound cruel and heartless. Believe me, I’m not. I almost chose not to comment here but as I was reading your comment Luke 9:60 was coming to mind.

        • Rarely do I venture into others conversations. In this case moved to make an exception. Lisa – I have no answers. Except one. One verse, one itsy bitsy verse out of the whole . . My dad used to do that with any problem of the heart. And it always made me angry. I always blamed dad and god for ganging up on me. Rather than help it always made me feel guilty – simply adding to my “problem”. I vowed then never to do that to others. I now know God is too big, too loving, to great for me to use his words in this way. I have no answers to help. But this I have to add – may your lord continue to guide your godly loving love.

    • I believe you already have the answer to your frustration. While caring for your mother in her time of need is only temporary, it is an experience that will influence the rest of your life. It is not easy to care for someone who is dependent on you, when your body and mind are going through the motions while your heart is aching daily to be set free. While you are caring for your mother, try not to think of yourself as the dutiful child who is obligated to care for her. Instead, try to look at it as an opportunity to care for the person who gave you life. You could talk to your mother about your hopes and dreams, pray with her, for her and over her. Take a sketchbook to her chemo appointments, get to know the doctors and other cancer patients. In other words, try to make this a positive experience for yourself. When you are by yourself, re-energize yourself any and every way possible! You will never be sorry for caring for your mother and your hearts desire will always be patiently waiting for you when the time comes.

    • It is difficult, experience of obligations and creating fixes, and living in our stories. Perhaps taking time for stillness after prayers may be helpful – sometimes I pray, pause, concentrate on breaths; pause for stillness – pray more and keep at it until it all feels light and relaxing and then ask God to help me find a way to remain in spirit and also accomplish tasks… this is perhaps a bit too general.
      Anyway, I pray that you and your mother will find comfort in His grace and know each other by His love.
      ~ Eric

  3. Wow! This post is so timely for me. I have just applied to do a course in international development overseas and am awaiting the outcome. I believe God is calling me into that field. 🙂 committing this into prayer and trying to trust his timing is perfect.

  4. Hello, Thanks for your sharing. I praise God for your post. I can relate to you. Serving Him fully and writing about Him is always a desire of my heart. I learned that we can only serve out of love and do radical things when it was God become our number one desire. When Christ overtakes our life it transforms us inside out. It is no longer us but Him. When surrendering becomes hard even in small areas of my life, I always remind myself of the verse in John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.” And when self is out of the way, this world will witness His light, His nature and His glory shining through us. I learn to ask God to remove any ugliness in my heart that hinders me in obeying Him to become His feet and His hands to others. As I abide in Him, He started showing me places where I can love and serve like Him or even do small acts of kindness. He keeps reminding me wherever I go, Let other people experience Jesus. Learning to surrender and abide in Him helps me to become patient and trust His timing. I’m still learning on this aspect and Its a joy to learn this for the rest of my life. I thank God for His patience in my progress, so I should be patient with myself too. If it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it wont. Maybe He would like us to do something or He is working first in our character before He led us into greater things that He prepared for us. God is already faithful and maybe it was the same thing he wants us to have in our life, to become faithful in Him too even in little things. I believe too that it was God who put those desires in your heart to radically serve Him and I believe that He will make your life a powerful testimony about Him. May He always lights your path. God bless you! 🙂

  5. It is so easy for those of us on the outside of you to say, you’ve heard from the Lord, go! But, I understand. For the past 25 years I have had a desire to minister to women. To speak at women’s conferences, to teach. I have read some blogs on how to do this and yet, I sit, frozen. I, too, think God is behind this desire. I literally do not know how to make this happen. The other night I just told the Lord, if this is something you want me to do, then You make it happen. You open the doors, You get me to that point, because I don’t know how to do it. So, yes, I understand this post. May our Lord and Father hear the cries of your heart. May He fling open doors of opportunity for you. May He make provision for you to accomplish this will of His. May He give you strength to move when nudged and give you courage to walk when He points the way. Hoping the desires of your heart will come true. Psalm 37:4 DAF

  6. I have found when I step out to honor Him, His hand is there. Sometimes, the way is scary, yet when I abide in Him, He serves the way up, the way out, the way forward. It is not always easy, it is never comfortable, it is always a stretch; yet to grow in Him is what I was made for. When I acknowledge that He is the Potter and I am the clay, I can embrace the joy of being the vessel of the unending Source of strength, of wisdom, of courage, of grace, of mercy, of forgiveness and of love.

  7. “If you knew that you could not possibly fail, what would you risk for Him?” Wow, that is a piercing question. And if I am not already risking as if I cannot fail, then am I fully following him? Hmmm. Thought-provoking, BJ. I will be praying this one in. Grace and peace to you!

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