Getting Lost Inside the Box

Read: 2 Chronicles 30:1-31:21 Romans 15:1-22 Psalm 25:1-15 Proverbs 20:13-15

The Lord is good and does what is right; he shows the proper path to those who go astray. (Psalm 25:8)

Google Maps

Relate: Riverside, Floral, Main, and Front make a rectangle(ish) border within which I do all my running. When looking on a map it doesn’t seem so bad, but inside these borders there is a tangled warren of streets designed with no other purpose than to confound the mind. Sometimes I look at a map before going out and pick my route. Other times I’ll just start going and wherever my fancy takes me, there I will be. I figure it’s no big deal, I’m trapped inside a box and sooner or later I will pop out onto one of these roads… sooner or later.

Four hours and twenty-two miles later… where am I? Was that a sign for the Pennsylvania border? How the… But I’m still inside the box! I figure as long as I go straight. Oh, wait… it’s coming to a T. I take a right. Another T. I take a left. HOW ON EARTH AM I ON THAT ROAD AGAIN GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!?!?! It’s not possible. It’s just not possible.

I should stop and ask for directions. I am a man. I am at most 3 miles from my home. I WILL NOT STOP AND ASK FOR DIRECTIONS! It’s the devil. It’s gotta be the devil. He’s changing the road layout while I’m not looking. I saw something like this in that sci-fi movie, The Cube. Oh good, I’m on Oak Street. Finally, I know my way home. Wait a minute, how on earth did Oak St end up way over here in Johnson City? I’m on the opposite end of the box.

Relate: It isn’t really that bad, but sometimes it feels like it when I get myself turned around. I’m one who can lok at a map and plot out a course in my head and stick to it. But the next day what was in my head doesn’t do me much good. I need another look. That is why I need to get read the Bible daily. It’s my road map for life.

Just like those four streets define my running box, I do have four principles that seem to “box” my life. 1) Love God 2) Love others 3) Stay positive 4) Read everything I can get my hands on. Sooner or later, no matter what I’m doing, I will default back to one of those four things. But sometimes life, even inside those boundaries can become an awfully tangled mess. I need help. I need to stop and talk to a friend. I need God to use someone to show me where I went astray and how to get back on the proper path.


God, I need You. Not just here and there every now and then. Every day I need You. Every hour, every minute, every second. With every breath I need You. I can get lost walking through this life. I need You to keep me moving in the right direction. I can get lost inside my own thoughts. I need You to fix my mind on things above. I am utterly and totally dependent on You.

22 thoughts on “Getting Lost Inside the Box

  1. As a wannabe distance runner who logs twenty to thirty miles a week (I did complete a marathon), I confess I’ve know the disorientation that comes from being six miles into a run and not knowing where I am (I at least was on vacation.). I can only imagine the feeling of being lost at 22 miles. Still, I think you hit the target with analogy to spiritual disorientation when one moves outside their boundaries.

  2. I once moved to Clewiston from South Florida 2 counties north on US 27. Well sometimes, 27 didn’t go north. Sometimes it went west as it did through the city of Clewiston. BUT dang, NORTH Is NORTH isn’t it? Nope! Somewhere ‘west’ of Clewiston if you kept going you would be going north again because Lake Okeechobee was to your right beyond farm land and a big ridge. . To get to my home, you seemingly turned at that NORTHERN BOUND bend to go west on Hwy 80. But dang, I turned. How could I be going west and turn west. An optical illusion. 🙂 I used to argue with the natives. It was funny. Swore the maps were askew! It took me forever to get passed that. HA! Funny thing is I am really pretty good at not getting turned around. BUT gosh this one got me.

  3. Awesome post! I can completely relate. sometimes i also get stuck in my own head lost in thought… Great inspiration. Thanks

  4. Reblogged this on Elaine's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Just yesterday I had a conversation with two ladies about being in the word daily and the noticeable differences in us when we are not. He is our guide to walk the right paths and not get lost along the way. If we do become lost for a time, he is right there to direct our paths onto the right track again, through His word and through those he places on the path with us, his “earth angels” as I like to call them. I enjoyed this devotion and the prayer, as well as the song, and I am reblogging it to share with others. I encourage others to check out this blog, The River Walk

  5. Your blog in one of those things I read…when I read everything I can get my hands on. I also read about 8 different verses on my Kindle from 8 different apps that remind me, teach me, hold me, bring me closer to Him. SO…thank you for another great post. I will be sharing you with a couple of friends of mine on Facebook. 😉

  6. Wonderful analogy! God is indeed our GPS to help us navigate this world, and what better way than to be immersed in His word! Matthew 6:33 ~ Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

  7. Beautiful analogy! And the Scripture was a great read! King Hezekiah saw the need to return to and stay focused upon God and God blessed him for it. I have a story similar to yours. I like taking Sunday drives and I usually take the same route. It gives me a time to reflect, pray, sing, listen to A Prairie Home Companion, etc. I took a different turn and told myself I knew the way back…no big deal. Before I knew it I was on the edge of another county with less than a quarter of a tank of gas and no means to purchase more! I’m so glad God gently (sometimes not so gently) pulls us back in. And you’re right: a daily time with Him helps us stay the course.

  8. Good post! I can relate. I have friends who tease me about the need to take bread crumbs when I run long distances. I got lost for hours on end without a cell phone and ended up in a very bad part of town. (Christmas lights up in July…) Sometimes you don’t know if you should continue running or walk. When the guys on the garbage truck started whistling at me I decided to just keep running. EEK!

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