I Am Legend

I have created a legacy. I am famous, but for what? When we have left the stage of life, what will others say of our performance?


March 9 – The Stuff Of Legends

We love heroic stands against overwhelming odds. We cheerĀ on defiant charges against insurmountable opponents. Win, lose, or draw, facing the impossible is the stuff of which legends are born.

25 Songs of Christmas (#6 – Winter Wonderland)

Honestly, “Walking in a winter wonderland” is not by any stretch of my imagination a fun thing to do. Glistening snow is beautiful to look at from inside a warm house, but certainly not when you are walking in it. Those little white flakes of evil falling down will never be a “beautiful sight” that makes me “happy tonight” and it is certainly not something in which I want to “frolic and play the eskimo way”.