Getting Deeper

Eventually each of these will be a link that will bring you to a page allowing you to grow deeper in your understanding of that aspect of theology.

His attributes
God is…
The Omni’s
His moral attributes
His character
The names of God
The love of God
Wrong views of God
The Trinity
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit

The Bible
– Inspiration
– Need
– Truth

– Background
— Origin
— Nature
— Image
– Sin
— Origin
— Nature
— Consequences
– Salvation
— Atonement
— Justification
— Sanctification
— Glorification

The Church
– Founding of the church
– Nature of the church
– Work of the church

Other Doctrines
– Worship
— The act
— The lifestyle
— Praise
– Prayer
– Satan
– Angels
– Other religions
— Islam
— Buddhism
— Hinduism
— Cults
– Last Things
— Death
— Resurrection
— Return


15 thoughts on “Getting Deeper

  1. Thankyou for singing the praises of your faith. We need many more to come out of the shadows and risk making others uncomfortable because of our wanting to share our journey with God.

  2. I am so glad I found this blog. I don’t remember how – I must have followed a link from elsewhere, but not a day goes by when some part of the message doesn’t resonate within me. Thank you for your faithfulness in communicating His heart.

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