In The Little Things

tissue things

Then they remembered that God was their rock, that God Most High was their redeemer. (Psalm 78:35)

 And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory. (Colossians 3:4)

Read: Jeremiah 8:8 – 9:26, Colossians 3:1-17, Psalm 78:32-55, Proverbs 24:27

Relate: I have glitter on my hands. I can’t get it off. Since it is on my hands, I am sure that as soon as I look in a mirror, I will see how much of it is on my face. It all came from one little finger touching something glittery. I swear the stuff multiplies whenever I’m not looking. Glitter breeds more prolifically than rabbits. It takes a good week of showers to get the stuff out of my hair. I’m bald. I don’t know how girls endure it. This stuff just annoys me.

Speaking of being annoyed, getting sick annoys me. Getting papercuts annoy me. If I were to break my leg, I would just shrug it off. I could literally poke out an eyeball and be thinking it is cool because now I have an excuse to “arrrgggghhhh” whenever I want. But if I come down with the sniffles, I am the biggest baby. If someone were to accidentally shoot me, I’d probably just staunch the bleeding and then apologize for getting in the way of their bullet. But if I stub my toe, the words that come out of my mouth… God forgive me.

React: God doesn’t just want to be Lord over the big things in our life. When death is staring us right in the face, it is easy to cry out to Him. When we have taken a leap of faith that is now making us wonder if we will soon be declaring bankruptcy, it is easy to trust Him. We don’t have any other choice.

What about those small things? Does God get the glory in my life in how I handle a cold? When I stub a toe or get a papercut, is it Jesus bleeding out of my reaction? When I am desperately trying to get this stinking glitter off my hands and out of my clothes… my clothes? How on earth did I get so much glitter on my collar? Do my thoughts and actions even in little things like this demonstrate to others that I am a representative of Jesus. He is faithful in all things big and small. Am I becoming more like Him?


Dear God,
Let me praise You through the paper cuts. Let me hear You through the headaches. Let the weight of Your glory be very real even when the hammer misses its target. When I’m sick, when I’m tired, when I’m hurt, help me to look to You. In the little things, in the annoyances of this life, as I am groaning along with the rest of creation for a better world, let Your glory be revealed to me and through me.


17 thoughts on “In The Little Things

  1. I agree that It can be very hard to see Gods sovereignty and submit in the small interruptions in life ad every day inconviences Evil often uses to turn our eyes off God… But I don’t know if I agree that it’s “easy” to trust while staring death in the face… Speaking as one who held my dead daughter, I think major life trauma is hard.

    • Please forgive for my not being clear. No, going through difficult circumstances is not easy. I have experiences at different times the death of my father, sister, and best friend. All of these were sudden and they all were far too young. This, and other life shattering/changing events are not easy. But they have always driven me to God because otherwise I am completely and totally overwhelmed. I cannot handle such fear, pain, and loss without Him.

      Things like getting annoyed at too slow traffic, having a headache, or… glitter on my hands. These types of things I foolishly think I can handle on my own. So it is “easy” for me to mis-handle them because I tend to rely on myself rather than God. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this.

  2. Very insightful, it really shows a heart of surrender and intimacy with The Lord. Thank you for sharing and for being a light in a world of darkness that has seemingly forgotten its creator (can’t imagine how).

  3. that plumb song is pretty awesome -and I am just signing off from the blog…. and this was a nice exit song – thanks
    and the good news is that it is “in” and through HIS strength that we succeed with the small and large stuff….

  4. The word “the devil is in the little things” gets me every time. The smallest splinters can create the biggest infection. Keep working on it. The more we recognize and change the “easier” it becomes…I am not sure “easy” is the word..but you get my meaning.

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