January 26 – From A Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed

“You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” (Matthew 17:20)

Read: Exodus 2:11-3:22, Matthew 17:10-27, Psalm 22:1-18, Proverbs 5:7-14


Relate: I remember going to a conference when I was a student at Central Bible College. Tommy Barnett was doing a leadership seminar and Nixa Assembly was sending its ministry team to go and hear him. Pastor Barnett was speaking on faith, I don’t remember the specifics, but at the end everyone was to write their dream on a little piece of paper, go up and leave it at the altar, and pick up this mustard seed in exchange.

Up to that point I’d never seen a mustard seed before. I knew conceptually that they were small. I’d been told so in countless Sunday School classes. This little seed was tiny. I’d say it was less than half the size of the little bullets you would use for a BB gun. On the flip side I knew that mustard trees were a pretty good size. I saw them on those Sunday School flannel graphs. I just didn’t realize how big they really can grow. From a seed that is less than two millimeters in diameter can grow a plant up to twenty-five feet high and nearly twice as wide, .

React: There are different gifts given to different people in the church. Some people have faith. I can look at them, listen to them, and I am amazed. I’m more of a “trust, but verify” type of guy. You might say my faith is as small as a mustard seed. Good thing that is enough. I remember there used to be a magazine called Mountain Movers. It was chuck full of miracle stories of missionaries in other parts of the world. Each of those stories seemed to have two things in common, the missionary needed, God provided. There would come a point when a missionary realized they couldn’t possibly do what needed done, and then God would step in. Sometimes it was protection, sometimes provision, sometimes healing, always God would move.

I don’t need a lot of faith to see God do the miraculous in my life. All I need is to attempt the impossible. If I am always doing what is easy, if I am always living in the safe and the comfortable, I will never see a miracle. There won’t be any need. It is only when I step out that I will see Him step in. If I want to see Him move in big ways, I need to take my tiny faith and attempt big things with it. It will grow, but only when planted.


Dear God,
Help me to trust You. I don’t have much faith, help make the little that I have to grow. Let me be used by You wherever and whenever You desire.

29 thoughts on “January 26 – From A Mustard Seed

  1. My challenge is to just let go and trust God with that tiny bit of faith. I allow the mountains of fear and this world to get in the way so much of the time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. God has allowed the most uncomfortable, diabolical situations to prompt the desired spiritual response- faith. I am in the deep, vulnerable, and naked; placed exactly where miracles take place as a direct result of my faith. Thanks for the gentle reminders of the beauty of our faith in action! Be Blessed!

  3. I can not imagine how small my faith must be if a mustard seed can say to a mountain “move” and it does. My prayer is that my faith will grow to the size of the mustard seed and then look out world, marvelous, magnificent, glorifying acts of worship and praise to GOD, our Father, will occur.

  4. ‘I don’t need a lot of faith to see God do the miraculous in my life. All I need is to attempt the impossible.’ You’ve hit the nail on the head. And every one of us will come to those points in life where we have to make the choice, or back down, or choose the easy way.

    I like what you’ve written, and pray that we will all have the grace and courage to make that choice when it comes, soaked in the precious wine of Christ’s blood.

    Many blessings,

  5. I love the faith He has given me and exercising it is so easy…. when everything is going well, lol. I am learning though to exercise that faith He has given me during those times when Faith really is Faith.

  6. God seems very accommodating in matters of belief. To the biologist he may appear as the mystery of living things, to the songwriter as the mysterious well of inspiration. For you, it seems He is that dangerous leap into the unknown. I applaud that sentiment, and I myself believe in a smiling God who challenges me all the time, exploding my preconceptions

  7. I’ve been thinking a lot about faith this week, trying to get some things written down. This was so timely. And this: I don’t need a lot of faith to see God do the miraculous in my life. All I need is to attempt the impossible.
    Yes. Thank you.

  8. I realized just now that my faith is also the tiniest one, but that is enough as you say. Thanks for this blog, it has surely changed my mood and it means a lot to me. I will now face the world and all my challenges with my mustard seed, faith.
    I completely agree with you when you say that to see miracles happening , we must come out of our comfort zone.
    Lovely post.

  9. Faith is… knowing that you know; that you know. You grab the bull by the horns and will not take no for an answer! I have experienced things I can not repeat… but By FAITH I have overcome the giants in my life that bullied me into believing I was worthless in God’s eyes. It was only when I stepped out in faith… willing to lose it all… to be free from the darkness and bondage of what others constantly spoke over me from my childhood. That first step is the hardest. But when I took that first step the Holy Spirit took over and a BOLDNESS took over and I became a fearless warrior… something I never knew erupted from within me! Now I live my life walking in Warrior attitude. I do not allow anyone to speak words over me with out taking authority over those words and the person who spoke them… Do not allow others to get away with speaking evil/ negative curses into you ears, mind and heart. Do not meditate on what others say… that does not line up with the WORD OF GOD! Take that thought captive and cast it out and overlay it with a blessing of the TRUTH of GOD’S WORD. We overcome evil with good! For every evil there is its opposite at work so just speak or do the opposite. That is literally what the evil one does to counter TRUTH. He speaks a lie and we choose to believe it or reject it… Stand your ground… you must know the TRUTH in order to defeat the lies! Eat the WORD for breakfast lunch and dinner! It will make you FEARLESS against the enemy who is nothing but a voice in man’s ear provoking one to act on thoughts that sink into the heart and produce a reaction or action! Good or evil… don’t surrender to returning evil for evil in thought, word or deed!

    • Abraham saw God, and yet still he needed faith. Moses saw God and still he is rewarded for his faith. If you are saying you don’t need faith anymore then you don’t really understand what faith is.

      • I’ve never understood faith, I thought it was like hope. I hope Gods real OR I will have faith GOD is real when they dont really know if he is or not, they are just having faith he exists and hoping

      • I’m talking about Faith as in believing that God exists. ie: I have faith God exists, even though I have my doubts and have never seen him ( as an example). I suppose one can have faith that makes them believe or trust an event will happen

        • Research all of the flaws in the uniformatarian interpretation of the formation of the universe,, the modern version of an ancient philosophy of long ages.

          When you understand that their message is “faith based” its up to you to determine which “faith” to accept.

          When I look up at night, I see and marvel at the thought of creation and its wonders.
          When I go sailing I watch the sea, wind, and waves, knowing it is God’s handiwork.

          You want to know if He exists, look up.

  10. There is a saying, “…Life begins when we step outside our comfort zone…”

    For pew-warmers, their lives rarely move past their Sunday appearance at church or gossiping with others like cackling hens.

    Others guided by the Spirit move on to become functioning body parts of the Church.

    Still others move of their own accord thinking the Lord will bless their initiative, some He does, most He doesn’t.

    Knowing when the Spirit speaks as that “still small voice” is invaluable, in that it keeps the mustard seed growing, helping our love and faith, knowledge and wisdom, humility and perseverance, ect. to grow with that seed.

    So leave your comfort zone, take that unexpected detour in life and take hold of the reins, live life for Christ.

    • Sorry, at this point in time my focus and time are being directed elsewhere. I am still well, but I have a very limited amount of time for projects outside of my local ministry. This year I am focusing on recording an audio reading of scripture. Although the recording is still being done daily, I am way behind in the editing and posting. You can see the added “listen” segment to these repeat posts and also get the podcast version of the reading on itunes or podbean.

  11. I really like how to set out your posts, making it so easy to follow. I also appreciated your personal reflection, thank you. I’d apsolutely​ love it if you could check out my Christian blog too – rcghub.wordpress.com

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