Coming Soon…

Beginning December 1’st I will be switching things up around here. Normally each devotional follows my read, relate, react, respond format (the soap method for those familiar with it). They also run about 500 words and are based off the daily scripture readings from the one year Bible plan. Well, for most of December I will be doing a special series called the 25 songs of Christmas. Each will be based off a popular Christmas song you helped chose, it will be a little longer and will not follow the normal style. I also had hoped to have the entire collection available for purchase on Amazon by December first. I will be close but that deadline will not be reached. In order to come as close as possible, I will not be posting a regular devotional today or tomorrow. So everybody pause, take a deep breath, and get ready for Christmas. I’ll see you soon.


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I look forward to it! Though I am a latecomer and did not offer any titles I bet someone thought of them– Carol of the Bells, Behold a Star of Jacob Shining (and a Scepter from Israel Rising)

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