November 15 – Consuming Fire


For our God is a devouring fire. (Hebrews 12:29)

Read: Ezekiel 31:1-32:32, Hebrews 12:14-29, Psalm 113:1-114:8, Proverbs 27:18-20

Relate: Growing up, we went camping two times a year. No, that is not the best way to say that. We went camping more than that and the two weekends I am thinking about were not really camping in the traditional sense. It would be better described as community living on a campground. The participants might vary from one one year to the next but in general you would have 6-7 families and 30-40 people all gathering together every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. We would all get adjacent camping spots and arrange our campers (and tents for the kids) in such a way that we could have one communal fire as a gathering spot for everybody.

As  young boy I was a bit of a pyro. I know, I know that doesn’t make me unique, it just makes me exactly like every single other boy who has ever lived on this earth. I apologize to those environmentalists in this group but I have to admit that I have thrown into one of those fires just about everything that can be burned and some things that cannot. I have exploded rocks. Milk jugs I thought were pretty cool just so long as you hold your breath or keep it downwind. Styrofoam, those little green army action figures, one of my sister’s jelly shoes, a captured cricket (fortunately an adult saw us and forbid us to continue before I could convince one of the younger boys that roasted cricket was a delicacy he just had to try). My favorite was always a cup of water. If you set it right so it doesn’t spill, you can put a cup of water over a fire and it will not burn. The top might a little, but the rest will only do so slowly. However full that cup is, that portion will not burn. It is only as the water begins to boil and evaporate that the fire will burn its way down the cup.

React: Is there anything in my life that just does not seem like it will burn? Am I clinging to something that God wants to consume. Have I prayed over and over again for God to burn something out of my life and yet still it is there? That is because something inside me, like the water in that cup, is fighting the fire. The reality of the situation is that I am just not yet hot enough. Something needs to be boiled away before the fire can finish consuming.


Dear God,
I pray for you to consume me. I ask that you devour everything in my life until all that remains is You. Forgive me for the lukewarm in my life that is preventing You from doing Your work. I pray that You would bring it to a boil. Take and consume all of me so that all people will see is my heat radiating Your light.

12 thoughts on “November 15 – Consuming Fire

  1. I have a huge thought pattern or process that I keep falling into despair and anger over.
    Relationships, now that I am a widower, loneliness is huge. Not the feelings of loneliness alone though, there is an entire thought process that leads me into a downward spiral.
    I start out, usually at night, feeling the aloneness, going from 15 years married to alone is a source of overwhelming loneliness. The next thing that happens is I start thinking about finding someone, that is where the trouble starts. The fact that I haven’t found someone yet gets me to thinking, “I am too old, too ugly, too fat, nobody will want me.” That is a deadly thought pattern because once it starts it takes on a life of its own and down I spiral.

    Unfortunately there are not a lot of men that talk about these issues so I don’t get much support from my church family so I am in therapy now, hopefully that will help.
    Last night I struggled with the argument with myself that I should be able to mind my peace in God alone or I am hoping that I can feel a closeness with God that will ease the pain of the loneliness. I don’t know how that all works so I have a lot of work to do in this area of my life.

  2. We all have some kind of issue that you address here with a good analogy! Those we know are there yet perhaps we haven’t fully released them to God as we ask for healing. Other issues like my depression remain and of course a total healing is possible, I also ask that it does not worsen which is the usual process. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!

  3. Sometime you might not be able to pinpoint what it is that is holding you back from fully being on fire for the Lord. I have decided to ask God to help me be on fire for him. I have searched within me and can’t see what, yet know that I could be more than this with the things of God. Why am I holding back from been totally out there, sold out to God? Most High God, I submit my will, my desire, my all unto you. Accept me by the blood of Jesus, fill me up with your Holy Spirit anew and use me for your glory in Christ Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  4. I am amazed to discover how easy it is to frankly talk about the things we did when were young. There is no truth in the generally held belief of innocent little children. Thank you for sharing your faith in Christ with us! Your effort not to be counted among the lukewarm is commendable.

  5. Great picture. ‘Something inside me, like the water in that cup, is fighting the fire.’ Absolutely. Our flesh, our pain, our agendas. All that has to go. Easy to say but worth the struggle.

  6. This is a great visual. I’ve been studying the offerings of the Old Testament and the burnt offering wad the only one fully consumed by fire on the altar signifying its complete consecration to the Lord. That’s how our lives are supposed to be, wholly consecrated to God. You probably know all this but it’s something God has been bringing to me a lot lately. A sort of new revelation, a calling. Thank you.

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