Don’t Be Stupid

dont be stupid

Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights. (2 Timothy 2:23)

Read: Jeremiah 44:24-47:7, 2 Timothy 2:22-3:17, Psalm 94:1-23, Proverbs 26:6-8

Relate: Honestly, I was actually surprised with my most recent facebook browse. When I decided what verse to use for today, I jumped over there expecting more of the usual. Apparently, it isn’t a very controversial newsday. There’s no gun laws vs 2nd amendment debates, no gay marriage vs traditional family fights, and no Halloween pro/con arguments currently running. I think part of that is because I have silenced quite a few of the usual suspects. Of my 961 friends, a good hundred of them just do not show up on my feed anymore. I only know what they might be saying if I hop over and visit their page. That said, all I could find in the foolish/stupid/controversial categories were a couple “Share this is you…” spam pictures and a “defund planned parenthood” link. Oh, there was this one video of a little girl leading a horse by the reigns. I kept hoping the horse would eat her hat or something. No luck… boring.

Of course, there are a couple facebook groups that I could hop into where I can guarantee there would be some running debates. There always are. In a way, I am glad for such groups. It gives an outlet for those crazies who simply have to argue everything. Oh, yah, I did also see a cousin post, “I asked [his son] Lucas why he argues with [his other son] Peter over the dumbest things. He said, ‘Because he’s wrong.’ Hard to defeat that logic.”

Part of the problem I see on facebook is when two sides collide absolutely convinced that the other side is “wrong”. Most of the time, I would tend to agree with one of the two sides… but in taking the argument into a forum like facebook, both sides are wrong. When logical debate devolves into argument, no matter how right your opinion might be… you’re wrong. There are no winners in an argument.

React: Even if we are not debating foolish or pointless things, in facebook, are we doing it in other places. Do I have to always get in that last word? Is it possible for me to disagree, and state my disagreement without sparking an argument? Have I ever truly convinced anyone of anything once I have had to raise my voice to prove my point? Is this issue more important than this relationship? Can things like politics and the Yankees/Red Sox or RM/Barca or… ever be passionately discussed while still demonstrating love? Am I capable of this or would I be better off just keeping my mouth shut?


God, help me to guard me tongue. Even when it is not audible words that I am speaking, guide my fingers across that keyboard. Help me to understand that being love is far, far, far more important than being right. Give me wisdom to know when “delete” is a better choice than “send”. Let me be Your light in every form of interaction that I use. Let me manifest Your love wherever I might be. 


8 thoughts on “Don’t Be Stupid

  1. I don’t have time to “look” for arguments, but whenever I comment on a news article, the argument finds me. I simply state my opinion, let people know Gods love them, and leave it at that. As much as I love a debate and a challenge, it gets old after a while–especially when people are simply out to fight–not to learn anything new.

  2. Reading the comments on various topics brought forth on facebook I am absolutely amazed, and disgusted, by the viciousness of people’s comments. I agree with Maryhallrayford, people are simply out to fight – not to learn anything. I think they type their comments with claws bared.

    • Sue, often comments are typed and sent without a re-read for content. It’s the same idea as speaking before thinking. Some just type and send w/o considering whether they sound vicious. You’re right; they usually sound to me as well as though they have no desire to change their opinions, no matter if facts might provide reasons to.

      • It is also true that most people tend to read something written far more harshly than they would understand the very same words if they were spoken face to face. We are much quicker to judge when we cannot rely on nonverbal cues as to interpretation.

  3. Great post. Reminds me of something I learned through hard experience: there’s a difference between being right and doing right. In fact, they are polar opposites, inversely proportional. Being right is often the worst place to be.

  4. When we pray to God about an “invitation” that arises to witness, He will let us know if we should jump in or not. He knows if that person might die tomorrow and the last thing they’ll read is you telling them that they can give their guilt to Jesus who will take that burden. They might find themselves pinned under a car and remember what you said and pray for the truth and finally finally finally accept it. But only God knows that hour, as Jesus even said. So if one day you feel explicitly in your gut, from God, that someone is just letting off steam and it’s not worth your while to “argue” because they’re just itching for a fight, or even worse, they will rebel even more just because YOU said it, or that it’s diverting your time from, say, volunteering at a food bank, then trust God on that. But another day, He will give you every scripture you need to lovingly guide someone (though they may not seem to react lovingly to YOU) to a point that needs making. It may save them! I had a friend come after me for a couple years and then back off. I fell into a horrible pit of depression due to all my sin’s consequences surrounding me. If she had not had the courage to keep speaking the truth to me and quoting Scripture, I might have killed myself instead of “hating my life” so much that I gave it to God and He drew me to Him. I was born again because she was like the human midwife. Anyway, I truly believe that no day is the same as the one before it, nor is one ministry the same as another: and everyone we know is our ministry. Every one we meet is our ministry. I got off Facebook because I had a tendency to argue, not witness. That was God’s guidance for me. I also don’t watch the news or most of what’s on TV. I have enough flesh and blood folks in my life to pray for. : ) Just as did Moses, just as did Elijah, just as did John the Baptist. : ) First law: we must love God. Then He will let us know how to obey the 2nd Law, in each moment of our lives.

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