Absentee Apologies

For the next few weeks I am going on a bit of a walk.
If you’re curious about my itinerary, read Acts 13:13 – 14:20.
Where Paul went, I’m walking.
Since this journey will take me four weeks or so, I decided to repost a month’s worth of old devotionals. That way you aren’t wondering and waiting where I’ve disappeared to in the meantime.

God bless and I’ll see you all on the other side.


10 thoughts on “Absentee Apologies

  1. Thanks Brother…for the apology. I’m young in the faith…and in following you, and I was definitely gonna wonder where it was you’d disappeared to.

  2. Asking Daddy-God for protection over you. And a renewing of His Holy Spirit in you…breath of fresh air…extra special…for this time. ♡

  3. Enjoy your journey. I’m new to your blog so I have time to catch up. Inspired by your writing. God has surely set the Holy Spirit upon you to enliven his children. May God continue to bless you and bless you a lot. Hugs.

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