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Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’ ”
(When he said “living water,” he was speaking of the Spirit, who would be given to everyone believing in him.
But the Spirit had not yet been given, because Jesus had not yet entered into his glory.)
(John 7:38-39)

Read: Ecclesiastes 1:12 – 6:12

Relate: There is a common theme that runs through a lot of movies. Perhaps its a zombie infestation like in World War Z, 28 Days Later, or the infinite supply of Resident Evil movies. Maybe it is a deadly virus like in Outbreak, Contagion, and The Stand. However the plot plays out, the scenario is the same. Somebody gets infected. They in turn begin to infect others. Those victims are soon contagious as well and begin to infect others. Soon cities are overrun, walls are built, armies are called in, nuclear strikes are ordered, chaos and mayhem ensue. I call it the apocalyptic outbreak. (Note to self, don’t ever try to rescue monkeys. It is never worth it. Never)

Jesus is the living water. After a few years of ministry there were a few hundred people who chose to come to Him and drink. Shortly after He returned to heaven, on the day of Pentecost, that living water began spilling out of them. Others saw this and drank deeply. Soon the living water was flowing out of them as well. Within a generation one Roman official claims they had turned the world upside down. By the time of Constantine’s forced (and usually false) conversions, between one fourth and one third of the entire Roman world had drank from these living waters. It was an outbreak of Biblical proportions.

React: I would love to see an outbreak like this today. I would love to see a Spiritual contagion that literally overruns entire cities as people flock from all over the world to come and drink. I would love to see culture changed and the world sit up and notice as streams of living water are flowing everywhere they turn. I would love to see it… but am I willing to do what it takes to see that river flow. Am I willing to spend the time on my knees to see that water flow fast and furious? Am I willing to cut the excess junk out of my life so that those waters flow deep and pure? Or will I just carry on content to be a muddied trickle?


Lord, revive me. Fill me deeply with Your Spirit that I might in turn flood my world with You. Jesus come and live in me that Your Spirit would flow fast and true from me inundating everyone I know that they might long for nothing more than to drink deep of You. Send a revival Lord. Let it begin in me.

4 thoughts on “Outbreak

  1. Reblogged this on Sweet Rains and commented:
    Are we contagious? In commemoration of this day, a seldom recognized day in the Christian community, I thought I would share this inspiring, motivating post.
    Interestingly as a side note, while Pentecost for the Christian is the giving of the Holy Spirit 50 days after Jesus was crucified and we were freed from the power of sin, Shavuot, the Jewish counterpart commemorates the giving of the Torah (1st five books of the Old Testament) 50 days after the Passover—the freeing of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. But that’s not exactly what BJ’s post is about. Are we contagious? Like a zombie or with a spiritual contagion?

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