Weeping and Laughing (8/6/13)

Read: Ezra  3:1-4:23, 1 Corinthians 2:6-3:4, Psalm 28:1-9, proverbs 20:24-25

The joyful shouting and weeping mingled together in a loud noise that could be heard far in the distance. Ezra 3:13

responding to God

Relate: I went to and then worked at a church summer camp for years. Every year some time in August or late July a couple hundred teens from all over NY would get together to eat terrible food, play crazy games, fall in and out of love in a couple days time, combat legions of mosquitoes, and at night pack into a chapel, that wasn’t climate controlled to encounter God. Nearly every night, without fail a vast majority of the students would flood the front at the end of service for a time of prayer.

It is this altar time at the end of camp, or other similar type events that I think of when I hear Ezra speak of the response to the worship service inaugurating work on the new temple. Just like at one of those camp meetings, some people are singing out for joy, others are weeping in sorrow, but everybody is responding.

React: During those camp meetings some kids would go up and cry every night. They weren’t the ones I was worried about. God was doing something in their hearts. Others would go up and laugh, others would just sing. Some would go up and after a minute or two they would end up praying for others the whole time. As long as men were praying for men and women, women this was no cause for concern. The kids that worried me the most wasn’t anyone up front. What worried me were the ones who would sit in the back, acting bored until the snack shop opened and they could leave. How can they come so close to encountering the presence of God and not enter in?

I’ve heard it said, and agree, that opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is apathy. Love and hate both engage the emotions. Apathy demonstrates a lack of concern. Laughter and weeping are both therapeutic. There is a need for both in our lives. When God begins moving on my heart, however I react it is appropriate. It is right. What is not right is an attempt to shut down my emotions and tune out that voice when the Holy Spirit is speaking.


God, let me respond to You. When You move in my life, don’t let me fight the tears. Don’t let me stifle the laughter. Don’t let me bury the emotions or the passion because of fear of what those around me might be thinking. Give me a greater and deeper and bolder and more expressive passion for You. I want to want You. Move in and through me however You see fit.


12 thoughts on “Weeping and Laughing (8/6/13)

  1. Great post! I know for me, I was never one of the people who jetted up front..and to outsiders I may have looked bored or disengaged (Im guessing here), but inside I was encountering The Lord in a way that was indescribable. Of course..I wasn’t sitting there texting or picking at the wall, or counting my change for the snack bar, either. 😉

  2. I think that every one of us are at different stages of our walk with God. I went to a conference back in April, however at the time my heart was not ready to receive. It might have appeared as apathy, but it wasn’t. Remember, the word never returns void. So even though the youth seem like it isn’t touching them in any way, it is, weather you see it or not. That conference was not a waste of my time because I was unable to receive though because for me, it connected me with someone who I believe is going to be influence in my life and will speak into it when I am able to receive. So don’t under estimate the kids in the back because I tended to be one of them.–Julia

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