Not A Gentleman (6/13/13)

Read: 1Kings 11:1-12:19, Acts 9:1-25, Psalm 131:1-3, Proverbs 17:4-5

He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4)

Relate: I just did a google search for this phrase in quotes: “The Holy Spirit is a gentleman”. It got 261,000 hits. That’s a lot of people who are wrong. One right near the top actually said we know that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman because scripture tells us. Oh really? He’s a counselor, a rebuker, a teacher, a convicter, a judge, an exhorter, an enabler, a baptizer, and a consuming fire but nowhere in scripture does it say that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman.

donkeyIts a good thing too. I can picture myself trudging along in my sin, stubborn as a mule. God comes up and taps me on the shoulder, Gentleman“Pardon me, but you really shouldn’t be doing that.” I trudge along. He clears His throat, “I’m sorry for interrupting but I really must ask you to stop.” I turn my head and look at God, blink my eyes real slow, and keep plodding forward and deeper into the muck. “I am only looking for your own good. It would be best you turn around.”

React: No! Maybe for some others God can exhort, rebuke, and convict in a polite and gentlemanly way. I find that if He want’s my attention he needs to use a Spiritual two by four upside my head. He needs to knock me right off my high horse. Like Paul I need to be knocked off my… (donkey) and on to my… (butt) before He has my attention. I am grateful  that I serve a God who loves me enough to discipline me. I am grateful that I serve a God who is willing to take away my sight until I finally see Him.


God, I thank You that You are not always gentle. I pray that You would give me a softer heart and more sensitive ears that I might respond to Your gentle urgings, but until that day, please pull out that two by four whenever necessary. Discipline me that I might live out a disciplined pursuit of You. Chastise me until I chase only after You. Blind me until You become my vision.

18 thoughts on “Not A Gentleman (6/13/13)

  1. I had to laugh at this, “if He want’s my attention he needs to use a Spiritual two by four upside my head.”

    Boy, do I know that feeling! Sadly, I am a slow learner. I need the two by four from time to time. And even though it hurts, I know it saves me even greater pain.

    I too, am grateful for a God so patient, so willing to go to extremes for my benefit. So willing to steer me clear and true. The mind boggles, that He would even bother – yet He does.

    Such grace is hard for humans to conceive. I guess we’ll just have to learn how to receive.


  2. BJ, I appreciate your search, and the understanding you raise, but I’m certainly glad that He doesn’t need a two by four to get my attention. Although, I can be a little stubborn, He has never forced me to do anything. I think that’s why many may refer to the Holy Spirit as a gentleman–He still allows us to choose. Great post!

    • Echoing what Tessa said: the key is to learn how to recieve!! And Mary, BJ is not saying God forces us to do anything – of course He would never, ever do that. But He sure isn’t shy about telling us that what we are doing is stupid. He is also really obvious about His will sometimes, just to make sure we get the message. We always have the choice to say no, but why would we?!?! God, who works in paradoxes, is somehow ably to use a two by four gently and gracefully, thank goodness!

  3. Ok…so I get up this morning with this sentence ringing in my ears and springing from it a whole preach for the 20/30’s group I lead, to do it tonight. It’s a strong word, a wake up. Then I read this and it confirms it. Praise the Lord for that.
    God Bless 🙂

  4. Amen to this. We are like drowning men going down for the third time and we think the Holy Spirit is like a life-guard tapping us on the shoulder, asking permission to save us? It might seem like it sometimes, but I don’t think so. Thanks for the post.

  5. I agree. If I’m screwing up, I want Him to hit me with a 2X4 or whatever He needs to do to catch my attention that I’m off the narrow road. Great video!

  6. His judgement seems gentle yet as you say, often His spirit is not. There is nothing gentle about moving a mountain

  7. A true gentleman will never let his lady be belittled or scorned, but will put her in her place if need be, and is intolerant to wrongdoings and perversion… is that not like the Holy Spirit? I hear you, but I think you draw wrong conclusions about what a true gentleman is like… he is not soft or weak, but loving and full of dignity for others.

  8. You had me rolling with your analogy and simplicity of this message…. 2 by 4 is exactly the way God sometimes uses to get the message across ( in the most loving way that only He can :))

  9. I have actually heard people ‘quote’ scripture from the bible that is not in the bible anywhere. It amazes me how biblical ignorance abounds in this country. It is also sad.

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