Vampires Are Evil (2/25/13)

Read: Leviticus 16:29-18:30, Mark 7:24-8:10, Psalm 41:1-13, Proverbs 10:15-16

If any native Israelite or foreigner living among you eats or drinks blood in any form, I will turn against that person and cut him off from the community of your people.           (Leviticus 17:10)


Relate: Twilight. Once upon a time the word would bring to mind that time after sunset before the night truly grew dark. Now the very word has been preempted to mean a multi-million dollar book and movie conglomerate featuring sexy werewolves and vampires. It has created spinoffs like True Blood, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Underworld, and many others.

In the past decade we have seen vampire lore do a complete 180. There was once a time when vampires were evil. Lilith, Lumushtu, Gallu… They’re demons in early Hebrew or neighboring cultures who had vampire traits. There is nothing new about vampires except that now they are tortured souls.  They have a longing to do evil but there are many among them who are very noble and do their very best to fight against these base impulses. Yes, every now and then they might fall off the wagon and drink someone (or a few dozen someones) dry but nobody’s perfect. They try and because of that we are supposed to consider them noble and good.

React: I understand the popularity. From my perspective there are two things at play here. First there is the “buck the establishment” principle. Everyone says vampires are evil. The parents say it, society says it, church says it, even most of the vampires say it. But they just don’t know “Edward” like I do. He has such a good heart. He tries and he loves me. The whole world is wrong and I am right and screw the facts. I know it in my heart.

The even greater pull is the fact that we all, in our way, fight the same struggle as these “good” vampires. Every day we are faced with struggle. Temptation surrounds us every waking minute and we want so hard to do what is right. Yes, every now or then we might mess up but as long as we are trying we must be good, right? No. Vampires don’t exist but if they did, the Bible stands clear that they are evil. Yes, I said it. Vampires are evil. So are you. So am I. It doesn’t matter that we try to do good. Results are what count and we fail. And we fail again. And we fail again. That is why we are so desperate for the blood of Christ. His is the only blood that brings life. Everything else only creates death.


God, my very nature is evil. My longings, my desires… they are evil. I can try as hard as I might but all I am really doing is counting the minutes until I fail again. Help me to give up this crazy notion that I am actually good. Help me to truly grasp the fact that the only good I can have is the good You place on me. Help me to give up on my nature so that I can take on Yours. Your blood is my life.


31 thoughts on “Vampires Are Evil (2/25/13)

  1. Wow, so well put. It’s interesting that I’d read this right now, because a few days ago God told me that our hearts are set against Him.

    It saddened me because it’s true. No matter how many wonderful things He does for me, I turn around and mess up and need saving from my messes all over again.

    I can only boast in Him and His strength. All my strength, my only source of righteousness is from Christ.

    • God gave us a perfect man to pattern our life after. The better we know Him and begin to take on His righteousness and give Him our sinfulness, He will change us daily and we will become more like Him. Hebrews 10: 1-3 says For the law having a shadow of good things to come and out of the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect, for then would they not have ceased to be offered? because that the worshippers once purged should have had no more consciousness of sins, but in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year…..
      That says to me: the more you dwell on sin year by year, the more you fall into it….The worshippers once purged should have had no more consciousness of sins…they are focused on Worshiping the Son of the Living God and not upon themselves. It really helps me….try it more often…that is-become a worshipper…..

  2. This whole vampire craze has pretty much passed me by; I haven’t read any of the books and saw only one vampire movie in decades. From what little I know of it, though, I do think the appeal for many people lies in the metaphor. It’s a vivid symbol of struggling against evil, and sometime losing. I don’t get too bothered by the use of symbols in fiction (Harry Potter, vampires, witches, etc.) but like all such things, it’s disturbing when some people get obsessed with these images to the point that they focus on them to an unhealthy degree, rather than grasping the meaning of the story. I’ve seen Christians do this with the Bible, too. It’s possible to get so over-focused on the violence, or sensationalize the details (lurid, graphic, repetitive descriptions of crucifixion, demons, hell, end-times theories, etc.) that we miss the whole point of the scriptures.

  3. great article, brother.
    we as christians have to admit that even those without Christ still have a drawing to the supernatural. they reject God, but still ‘know’ there is more to this life than just ‘this life’. they want that but they want to be in control, they want to feel powerful rather than powerless. and they want the final say in what is good or evil ‘for them’. in short, they want a supernatural experience that allows them to be god and ‘feed’ off of others rather than the other way ’round.

    satan is more than happy and willing to give them the role models and the ‘religions’ that supply that desire for power and experience. but it is, as you have said, still based in pure evil.

    shows like the ones you have referred to are more evidence of our failure as the Body of Christ to share the Gospel and Be salt and Light, but it’s also a challenge to not give up. people need Jesus, not just our church or our friendship. they need Jesus, His Love, Forgiveness and the lasting relationship with God that He alone offers.

  4. Well….great read, but you have to fact check. Twilight is the cause of all these vampire books, TV shows, and movies? Completely False. It may be the most popular, but not the cause of all or any vampire spin-offs for that matter. True Blood, Underworld and Vampire Diaries were all written before Twilight and to give credit to a “writer” like Stephanie Meyer for so many great horror genre pieces of literature is a sham. The praise should go to Bram Stoker who wrote “Dracula” in 1897. Yes, I said “praise”. The vampire story is a story of fiction that strikes at the very nerve of the “human complex”. Why does Christianity waste so much time bickering on the differences and “wrongs” of works of literature instead of embracing the values and “rights” we can take away from them? Shouldn’t we be preaching acceptance and unity? Why focus on what divides us instead of what can bring us together? It’s a fiction story. Fiction, not reality. Instead of appreciating a book series about the importance of family, friends, loyalty, right vs wrong: we focus on the negative and throw out all positive. How Christian of us….

    • I just made myself a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. It was great. Tasted good. Who cares if there was a little mold on part of the bread. Over 95% of it was fine, healthy bread and it was useful for making sandwiches. Oh, and 3 out of the 4 slices of meat used weren’t old and rotten. How dare someone tell me that I should throw the sandwich away when so much of it is good.

      What are you ingesting?

      • You shouldn’t have made the sandwich in the first place. A wise person would take the good and throw out the bad. I suppose we should just be good, brain-washed Christians who only read “Christian” books, who only listen to “Christian” music, who only spend time with “Christians”, and who only go to places if they are “Christian”! Just like Jesus did…oh wait….he spent most of his time on earth with the “moldy, rotten parts” of the sandwich…

        What and WHO are you ignoring, Pharisee?

        • The push of the entire post is that we are evil. That is why we are desperate for the blood of Christ. Before throwing any more stones, please feel free to go and read Bubble Busters. I am not here to argue and if I came across that way with my last reply, I apologize.

      • The Bubble Busters was an excellent read! I hope you didn’t think I was referring to you as a “Pharisee”! It was more in reference to other Christians who push away others from God instead of bringing them closer with their legalism. Glad I read this article and your other one! I worry when Christians focus on making themselves “appear” different from the world by rejecting everything that could be considered “worldly” because it doesn’t fit the “norm”. I enjoyed your writings and that you commented back! Wish you all the best!

  5. I do not believe in Vampires but if they did exist surely God would forgive and love them too. I see God as an all loving and forgiving spirit…. I hope so as I want him to love me and I am not perfect.

  6. Very thoughtful post. Its ‘spiritual’ pull reaches out to teens who haven’t a clue that this is demonic, and will slowly, like the frog in the frying pan, change beliefs with its subtlety. We certainly live in an upside down world, don’t we? This advises that there are good and evil forces working in every “culture”, even in the demonic. How sad. Praise God for 1 John 4:4.

  7. Without the nature of God there can be no nobility
    Its either you have the nature of sin or the nature of God
    The nature of God can only be given to you by God.
    When you have the nature of God in your spirit, then are you righteous
    You become righteous because you believe on Jesus and confess
    Him as Lord

  8. I am not a vampire but, if I ever saw one that was about to be attacked by a hunter, as a vampire lover, I would at least try to save them. I know that, if they do exist, a lot of vampires would probably be of the type that would only ever kill when absolutely necessary. They may well need to feed off of others in order to keep their lives, whether they be undead or not, or just to survive life-threatening situations.
    The vampire in the movie “Dark Shadows” was certainly not purely evil. He did kill a few people, but this was probably out of thirst, not out of brutality. He also saved a young girl from death by falling from a cliff.
    In the children’s film “The Little Vampire”, the main human character is saved by at least one vampire on two occasions; once from being hit by a truck and then again after he had been locked up in a coffin.
    Even old legends are not without good vampires. Although the idea of the Stregoni Benefici was used for the “Twilight” series, the legend did exist beforehand. These are good vampires that are archenemies with the evil ones. They also help sick people as well.
    Watch the documentary “Vampire Secrets”. On that one, they managed to use technology to prove that this one lady was definitely a psychic vampire (one that feeds off of the mental energy of others, as opposed to their blood). If she were really all that evil, would she not have been too dangerous to feature on the programme without being restrained? She was not restrained at any point in the documentary, by the way.
    Even the producers of said documentary actually talk about the rise of the sexy, sympathetic vampires in fiction. Some of the people featured on that programme were actually true vampire experts, by the way.
    Before we start bashing them for what they have supposedly done to humans, think about what humans have done to them. Throughout the years, according to movies, legends, books and other stories, humans have used Holy water to burn vampires, as well as tricking them and/or somehow keeping them in the sun, locking them in coffins and allowing them to suffocate, staking them through the heart and otherwise torturing, maiming and killing them. Think about it this way. You are a vampire. You are of the type that have vampiric traits in your appearance, such as pale skin and red eyes. You cannot go into any public place without experiencing persecution and having everyone else there afraid of you. You want to make friends, or even just ask someone something, but you cannot get near anyone without them backing away, insulting you and trying to ward you off, even though you have no intention of harming them. They just think that, because you are a vampire, you want to kill them. All you want to do is just ask them something or befriend them, and/or mind your own business, but you cannot do this because are so feared and persecuted. Everyone thinks that you just want to drain their blood, but you don’t.
    There are now loads of alternatives in which vampires can use to get the blood that they need to drink. Vampires can now drink fake blood, blood banks, animal blood* and even human blood that they will have collected or had collected from people, without killing them. Some vampires have even been known to heal any cut that they make after they have fed from the person. The person would probably then only get ill to the same extent as if they had the flu after that. They may even ask the person first before they feed and/or have a willing donor, if they are able to cope with their blood supply coming from just one person and not being very varied.
    Just like with everything else, if they do exist, vampires could be friendly, peace-loving creatures as well. There is good and bad in everything.

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